Friday, September 26, 2008

Cute and Pretty Gifts at Perlyyyy's Art Studio!

View these and MANY more at her Zazzle Gallery!


Butterfly shirt



You have to see this UP CLOSE! It's absolutely Gorgeous!!

Swirling Butterfly Dreams print

Swirling Butterfly Dreams


Falling Leaves Shirt! This is SO cute & trendy!

Falling Leaves! shirt

Falling Leaves!


Froglet Frog Magnet! Look at this little cutie! She's got a great eye for photography!

Froglet magnet



Chihuahua Gifts!

These items and more Chihuahua products are available to view or purchase at My Zazzle Gallery!

Little Chihuahua Girl Mug!

Chihuahua Shoes!

Chihuahua Birthday Card! Customizable!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Fun!

These and more are available to view or purchase at my Zazzle Gallery!

Wicked Wine Shirt!

Wicked Wine Party Invitation!

Corgi Witch Halloween Card!

Devil Doggie! Dachshund Shirt!

Batini! Halloween Martini Shirt!

Batter than Tequila! Halloween Margarita Shirt!

Batter than Tequila! Halloween Party Postage!

Trick or Treat! Dogs dressed up in costumes for Halloween!

Trick or Treaters! Halloween Dogs dressed up for Halloween Shirt!

Count Corgi! Vampire Corgi Shirt!

Golden Mummy! Whimsical Golden Retriever in a Mummy costume for Halloween!

Jazzy Witch! Miniature Pinscher Halloween Witch Postage!

Happy Halloween Creepy, Cute Cat Face Halloween Shirt!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

West Highland White Terrier Apparel and Gifts!

These products and many more are available in my Zazzle Gallery!

Westie Shoes!

Westie Customizable Postage!

Westie Tote Bag!

Cute Westie Shoes for Kids!

Westie Travel Mug!

Westie Mom T-Shirt!

Holiday Westie Shirt!

Bunny Rabbit Shoes

Keds Whimsical Dutch Rabbit Shoes!

Womens Mini Slip On Bunny Shoes
perfect for Easter, spring and for bunny lovers!

Womens Slip On Bunny Shoes

Bunny Shoes for Kids

Sunflower Shoes

Sorry, these shoes are no longer available.

These were inspired by my favorite season and my favorite flowers!
Womens Slip On Sunflower Keds!
Printed from my original pen and ink and watercolor painting:

Sorry, these shoes are no longer available.

Sunflowers Womens Slip On Keds Shoes!

Sorry, these shoes are no longer available.
Womens Sunflowers Lace Up Keds!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Guinea Pig Shoes!

These are available to view or purchase at my Zazzle Gallery!

Women's Mini Slip On Keds

Women's Slip On Keds

Women's Lace Up Keds

Girl's Slip On Keds

Boy's Slip On Keds

My Artwork is mouse-drawn and copyright totallypainted

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Devil Dog! Dachshund Lover Halloween Gifts

Devil Doggie Dachshund Shirt

LiL Devil Dog Dachshund Shoes for Kids

Devil Doggie Dachshund Stickers

Devil Doggie Dachshund Tote Bag

Devil Doggie Dachshund Postage

Devil Doggie Dachshund Halloween Card