Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you card from Dog!

An adorable Thank you card for a pet caregiver, dog walker, veterinarian, or someone special who took great care of your dog! 

Welcome to the neighborhood Greeting Card

Happy Birthday Yorkie Birthday Card, Gifts and Apparel

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Card

 Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier T-Shirt

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Dog's T-Shirt

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Plate

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Tote Bag

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Stickers

Happy Birthday Yorkshire Terrier Infant Shirt

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink Corgi Dog Diva Art, Gifts, and Accessories

Whimsical and Fabulous Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Lover Gifts!

Pink Corgi Dog Birthday Card:

Pink Corgi Necklace:

Pink Corgi Dog Art Decorative Throw Pillow:

Pink Corgi Dog Art Girly Poster:

Pretty in Pink Corgi Art Dog Food Bowl:

Pretty in Pink Corgi:

Corgi Lady Purple Bodysuits
Corgi Lady Purple Bodysuits by totallypainted

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Corgi Diva Dog Art Gifts for Dog Lovers!

Fun and Fabulous Pembroke Welsh Corgi Diva Dog Gifts, Apparel, and accessories!

Corgi Dog Mug:

Corgi Dog Art T-Shirt:

Corgi Dog Art Stickers:

Customize this adorable and fun Corgi Dog Birthday Card:

Corgi Dog Art Necklace:

Corgi Dog Art Decorative Throw Pillow:

Corgi Dog Apron:

Corgi Dog Art Plate:

Corgi Dog Art Poster: 

Whimsical Dachshund Art Decorative Pillows!

Fun, Fabulous and so girly! Adorable Dachshund Art Decorative Pillows! 

Girls' Night Out Dachshund with Red Collar Pillow
Girls' Night Out Dachshund with Red Collar Pillow by totallypainted

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Totally Cute Bichon Frise Dog Art Decorative Pillows

Absolutely Adorable for Dog Lovers! Bichon Frise Dog Art Decorative Pillows!

Bichon Frise with Pink Hearts Pillow:

Bichon Frise with Red Hearts Pillow:

Guinea Pig Art Pillows

Totally Adorable Gray Guinea Pig Art Pillow: 

Totally Adorable Brown Guinea Pig Art Pillow:

Cute Corgi Dog Art Postage Stamp! This dog stamp can be customized by you! You can change the "Hi!" to your own personal greeting!

Corgi Art Greeting Stamp

Whimsical Corgi Dog Magnet! 
This dog magnet can also be customized and personalized by you!